Thursday, June 4, 2009

Army Ball

On Saturday we had to go to a manditory ball for Trent's unit. The ball was to welcome home everyone that just got back off of their deployment and to welcome all of the new soldiers that just moved in. We had heard through the gossip that all these events were people getting drunk and horrible food. They were very right!!
There was alot of alcohol and the food was HORRIBLE!! Everyone that was in the group we went with was scattered around, and me and Trent got stuck on a table with no other wives!! After dinner (chicken that was still raw) a few of Trent's commander's talked. The talks were good and they did a really cool thing for the people that were killed over in combat. After the talks they opened the floor for dancing.
Before i agreed to go I told Trent that we at least had to stay and dance one slow song. They finally played a slow song about 30 minutes into the DJ, we danced and booked it out of there!! We ended up going to Denny's after because everyone was stilll hungry and we finally got home at about two in the morning!!
I was complaining about the night to my dad on the phone the next day, and he said that at least it was a night that we wouldn't forget!! It was fun to get all dressed up, but the army is such a different lifestyle!!
I'm really gratefull that we have met some people over here that are good examples and share the same values. Even though they aren't members, they don't drink so it was a big relief to not be the only people there that night that weren't wasted!!

This was the group of girls that went together! They are really fun girls!

The boys started to get into the fast and goofy songs!

Trent would dance with the guys but he refused to dance with me! :(

I finally got him to losen up and cut a rug with me!

And i FINALLY got my slow song with the love of my life!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


So since we have moved to this island it has been a struggle to find a vehicle for my husband and myself to be happy with! First it started out with a $4,000 honda civic, which was a very cute and nice car but with no room and not to "manly" for Trent. So then we went on to making the dumbest decision ever and buying a 2008 Chevy Colorado (only 2wd). Trent liked the manly part but I for one couldn't stand the $400 payments per month! So we got rid of that (and lost ALOT of money on it) and was down to my saturn for a couple weeks. We looked on Craigs list probably 3 times a day, and finally found the truck that was made for my husband! We found a 1986 Ford Ranger that was 4wd and had Trents name written all over it, but the best part was that it was only $400!!!! So we both found something we are happy with and learned a very very valuable lesson!! NEVER impulse buy!!

Its a monster! We are both very excited to go play in the sand and mud with it! But the best part is not having a car payment for a long, long time!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Worlds Worst Blogger!!

I know, I know!! I am the worst blogger, but its hard to blog when nothing really exciting happens!! We are doing good, and still getting use to the Army lifestyle but we really love it here and have made some great friends!!

Anyways, Trent got assigned to his unit and he really enjoys it but it worked to the bone everyday! He found out a couple weeks ago that he will be deployed to India for a month sometime this summer, and depolyed to Iraq or Afghanistan for a year next spring. It was really hard finding that all out the same day, but I know everything will be alright!! I am still looking for a job and getting more and more frustrated as the weeks go on, but I know that I will find something!!!Me and Trent have been meeting with the bishop and are planning on getting sealed in december when we come home! We are really excited and looking forward to the furture!!
We don't really do anything exciting! We go to the beach about every other weekend but Trent gets really bored sitting, so we took up a new hobby. We have been going bowling alot and the base has a really fun bowling alley!!

Last night we watched our friends little boy while they went to the movie, and Trent is making me very baby hungry!! I went to rent movies and when I got home this is what i found....

They played so hard that they both just crashed!! Trent is really good with kids, and I know when the time comes for us to start a family he is going to be a great dad!!!

Sorry about the horrible pics, but I lost my camera!! But that all that has really gone on since I last posted. I will really try to keep it better updated, and I hope I find my camera so I wont have boring blogs! We love and miss everyone at home!!! xoxoxoxo

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Update FINALLY!!!!!

Hey everyone!! I know it has been like over 2 months since i updated, but life has been CRAZY!! Good news, we finally got a house and are moved in for the most part (we still need to hang a few things!!).

Life in Hawaii is so different then in Utah, and we both miss it alot. We both miss our families and friends, but have made some really good friends over here! We had alot of fun when my family came over for a few days! We got to go snorkeling, went to pearl harbor, and got to go to the Pro Bowl!! It was alot of fun, but ended too soon :(
We sold our civic because it was breaking down slowly and bought a truck, so in other words we are offically broke!! Haha not really but a lot more broke then we were a few weeks ago!! Trent has been working alot so that leaves me home alone without a car but my car should be over here in the next few weeks! But the best news is that we broke down and bought us a puppy!! She is a shar pei/terrier mix and we named her Dixie!! She is a handfull but we love her and it gives me something to do during the day!! Well we love you all and miss everyone so much, but everyone just needs to come and visit us!! We have a spare room so you don't have to pay for a hotel!! lol we miss everyone and can't wait to come home when trent gets some leave time and we save up our pennies!! I will try to be better at posting, but I can't promise anything!! Life over here isn't as glamourous as you think!! It's alot warmer then Utah, but it still rains alot in their winter seanson!! I still can't complain tho!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Great Month Home & HAWAII!!!

So there is alot to catch up on!! So lets start with Trent coming home for Christmas. Trent had perfect timing coming home he got to come home for Christmas and New Years! Christmas was really great because we got to spend alot of time with both sides of the family, and it sure was a special Christmas. I got a beautiful necklace and some really nice running shoes from Trent, and Trent got a snowmobiling helmet and some running shoes from me!! We also got a really pretty kitchen table from my parents which we are really excited to use! Christmas was great and one we won't forget!!!
So after Christmas we just got to hang out with our family till the 13th and then it was off to Hawaii!! Hawaii is great and it has been such a learning experience for us. We haven't got a house yet, and it could be a long time till we get one so for now we are making our home and the Honolulu Airport Hotel! I'm about to go crazy because this is such a small hotel but we don't have to pay for anything so it is pretty nice! The first few days we were here we didn't have a car and it was really frustrating to both of us having to take the bus where ever we needed to go so we decided to go car shopping. Car shopping is probably the most frustrating thing ever, and we spend two whole days dealing with different car salesman and finding cars we really loved and getting our excitment crushed by not having the credit to finance one until we found it!! We found a 98 Honda Civic for only 4 grand!! We bought it and we are so excited!! It has made the experience so much better to go out and be able to explore where ever we want to!! We were both very excited because it was the first big thing that we have bought together!!

So other then all that crazy stuff going on we have just been enjoying the time here together, Trent got a four day weekend this weekend because of Martin Luther King Day so we got to go explore the island and sit on the beach. Today Trent had to go back to work and I have to sit at the hotel alone all day without a car, so that is kind of a bummer, but when we get a house and finally get to put our life together I think that this is going to be a awesome experience! It has been really hard and we miss our families more then anything, but how many people can say they moved to Hawaii right after they were married?! We love Utah and miss it alot but neither of us can really complain when we are sitting on the beach in 80 degree wheather and getting a sun tan!! We'll keep everyone updated on the housing thing and anything else going on but for now it is just kinda a waiting game!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

**The Richards**

So I know that I haven't posted for a while, but life has been kinda crazy!! But I'm a Richards now!! Me and Trent got married on the 28th and it was perfect!! I love him so much and can't wait to grow old with him!! The wedding was so beautiful and was more then I ever imagined!! Trent had to go back to Maryland and finish his schooling, but he comes home on the 17th. It's hard to be away from him so soon after we were married, but we spent a couple amazing days together as husband and wife!! This lifestyle is already hard, but I love him with all of my heart and know that he is the one I will be with forever!! I don't have my wedding picutes yet, but here is a couple that my sister took!! Thanks Meg :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

~~We Picked a Date~~

So i still haven't figured out how to add people onto my page, so I don't know why I'm writting a blog...but I'm bored!! So we picked a date!! It's November 28th. It's almost bitter sweet. Trent only gets to come home for the holiday weekend and then has to go back to Maryland for two more weeks...but I'm getting married in 26 days!! I can't believe it!! Other big news...we found out that we will be moving to HAWAII!! He gets to come home in the middle of December for a month, and then it's off to Hawaii! :) I'm so excited!! Anyways, that's pretty much all that is going on in the life of the future Richards!! Trent loves the Army, but is ready to come home. I guess you can't really take the boy out of the farm...right?? The hunting season has been pretty hard for him, but he loves life for the most part, just misses Utah!!